Tithes vs Offerings -  Our Partners pay Dues {Tithes so to speak} to support the Fellowship.  Dues are recurring payments and must be processed through your membership account.  If this is the type of payment you wish to make, or if you wish to change your membership/partnership level, please click on the link above that says [View Profile] and access your members' account.  If you wish to make a donation {an Offering so to speak}, this is the place to do so!  Thank you for your interest in and support of CBL Roundtable.

Donations & Sponsorship Opportunities

Meeting Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in participating with us in bringing our teachings to business men and business women.  It costs us approximately $250 to conduct a meeting.  This includes the costs of providing breakfast; operating lighting, sound, and media; recording the presentation; and the costs of the administrative support to run a Friday Morning Meeting.

Meeting Sponsors will be recognized on the Fellowship website for one month and in the multimedia presentation. Meeting Sponsors will be given a 2 minute spotlight to showcase their business.   A Meeting Sponsor can also place a promotional fliers for their business  on the Roundtables the day of their sponsorship.

Meeting Media Sponsorship

Our Meetings require a fairly extensive array of media support.  This starts with the preparation of the Slide Presentation used during the meeting.  We have a Sound Engineer who sets up all of our audio and visual support equipment, mikes our speakers, provides both amplification and recording of the presentation, edits the audio and provides us with copies for distribution and posting to the website.  All of these services go largely unnoticed when they work, but have a significant impact on our meetings if something goes wrong. Meeting Media Sponsorship requires a donation of $100 per meeting.

Breakfast Sponsorship

Fellowship and the Breaking of Bread is an organic part of growing our relationships and developing accountability partners.  To this purpose, we provide coffee and a light breakfast meal for those attending the meeting.  You may chose to sponsor just the breakfast portion of a meeting. Breakfast can be sponsored for a  donation of  $ 75 per meeting.


Administration Sponsorship

The final component of conducting our weekly meeting is the administrative support required to effectively conduct the meeting.  Administration includes the publishing of the Meeting reminders, preparation of any handout materials, set up of our greeting area with sign-in sheets, name badges, support materials, staffing the greeting table and collecting all the badges after the meeting.  Our administrative staff also collects and publishes the prayer request sheets and coordinates with future speakers.  You can sponsor the administrative support for a weekly meeting for a  donation of  $ 75.


Media Sponsorship

In addition to our meeting costs, we have monthly expenses in maintaining our on-line presence - which includes our website, our financial processing software, our emailing software, and our social media presence.  A Media Sponsorship can be secured with a $125 donation to cover these expenses.

A Media Sponsor will be spotlighted for the entire month of sponsorship on our website and our email communications.  They will be maintained in a listing of all our Media Sponsors for a full year.  Media Sponsors can request specific months to sponsor. 




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