When you attend the weekly meetings of CBL Roundtable as a guest we will welcome you with open arms; there is no charge to be a guest. But are you getting the most out of YOUR experience, and are you growing your business and growing as a Christian business leader as quickly as you could be?

Chances are, you could be growing a LOT FASTER if you were taking advantage of the many business and spiritual tools we've been building here at CBL Roundtable over our 12 year history.  Paid members enjoy access to ALL of our tools, accessible to youevery day of the year! Take a moment to review the many benefits of becoming a paid member of the CBL Roundtable, and chances are -- you'll be BLOWN AWAY by how valuable and robust they truly are!

Marketplace Ministry Videos

Choose from up to 6 years of presentation videos by top Christian business consultants. They are executives and
retired executive leaders from some of America's top companies - and you can gain their wisdom through their CBL 
presentations. If you wanted access to these business experts, it might cost you thousands of dollars to get their advice.  Videos are available at the individual partner level and above.

Member Forums
Have a business problem or question? As a paid CBL member, you can quiz our business consultants and get professional, expert advice from seasoned professionals - all at
NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Others might pay $100s, even $1,000s of dollars for that same advice.

Audio Library
Here's a great tip: if you travel for business, or even if you just commute around town all day, you can listen to hundreds of hours of recorded business presentations and advice from our experts.  It's available to you at
NO EXTRA CHARGE when you become a paid member - for as little as $60 per year.  If you gain just ONE INSIGHT into running your business more effectively along Biblical guidelines according to God's plan - how much could that shape your future?  Is it worth $60 a year to gain that knowledge?  The truth is, you'll grow in business wisdom EACH and EVERY time you listen to one of these recordings.  And you can listen to them as OFTEN as
you'd like, once you become a paid member!

Membership Directory
Ever wish you could reach out to someone you talked with at a CBL Roundtable meeting - but you didn't get their business card?  As a paid member, you can contact them DIRECTLY THROUGH THIS WEBSITE!!  That's right - all paid members can search through our online directory and communicate directly with other paid members.  Their contact information is NOT available to the general public or to guests who attend our meeting for free.  Our Membership Directory can give a HUGE boost to your business, because it's like having almost a hundred business consultants that you can reach out for answers, whenever you need them! And this service can be yours at
NO EXTRA CHARGE when you become a paid member for as little as $60 per year!

Identifying our Spiritual Personalities
We all have our unique features and strengths.  We can help you identify and develop yours, so you get along in perfect harmony with your co-workers, employees and clients.  This service is a FREE benefit to all paid members of CBL Roundtable.  If you were to hire a consultant in the regular business world, how much would it cost you to receive consulting advice on improving your relationships at the office?  It could easily cost you $100s or $1,000s - and it's available to you at
NO EXTRA CHARGE as a paid member!

Spiritual Business Plan
How do you know if you're in sync with God's plan for your life? Have you ever created a Spiritual Business Plan for your business?  Our team of veteran business leaders have prepared 100s of these plans for their businesses and others.  And now, they can go to work on your business and help you grow - both spiritually and in your business success.  This service alone could cost you $1000s if you hired an outside consultant.  But as a paid member of CBL Roundtable, it's yours at

Add It All Up and DO THE MATH...
Are you seeing the MASSIVE benefits available to our paid members? Do you see the TREMENDOUS gains you could enjoy at your company and in both your business and professional life by becoming a paid member of the CBL Roundtable? Membership could be worth a SMALL FORTUNE to you over the course of your business career, and it's easily within reach of EACH AND EVERY person who visits our meetings.  Is this the year you 'step up' and take control of your own future?  Are you ready to grow your business in Christ, through the seasoned wisdom and expertise of the many Fellows who make up the CBL Roundtable consultants?

Take The Right Step NOW!
To get started, simply click the "JOIN" button above and select the tier that is right for you and
your business team.  At CBL Roundtable, we're here to help YOU!

Membership is Economical For All You Get!

Partner - $35.00 (USD) Monthly
Corporate Partner - Small Business - $50.00 (USD) Monthly (up to 2 members)
Corporate Partner - $100.00 (USD) Monthly -  (up to 5 members)
Associate - $60.00 (USD) per year

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