At Christian Business Leaders Roundtable, there are various ways you can participate.  Check out the options below and select the best fit for you.

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Our Champions Partner with Us

If you desire to see the Biblical principles espoused by CBL Roundtable spread throughout your Marketplace and you seek to be in relationship with and held accountable by peers seeking to operate in business based on Christian principles, then consider partnering with us.

To see the many companies that are partnering with CBL Roundtable at the $50 or more per month level, please click HERE.

CBL Roundtable creates a stage for our Champions to reach their spheres of influence in the Marketplace and to restore Christian business principles to everyday operations. Our Partners provide the resources, people, experience, and funds to expand our collective reach.  Our Champions are the heart of reaching the marketplace with this message of hope.  Through the effective influence of our Champions, lives are being changed.

We offer several levels of partnership, individual, small business, and corporate.  We ask you to consider, prayerfully, your call to marketplace ministry with CBL Roundtable.  In Malachi 3:10  God says, "Try Me and see what I will do."

Our Champions receive access to tools and services, including promotion of your business, access to video recordings of our teachings, and discounted rates to paid CBLR events. Small Business and Corporate Partners can register additional members as a part of their membership.  Monthly Partnership fees can be automatically deducted from cards or can be paid monthly.

At CBL Roundtable, we are all members of a vibrant, active community of Christians.  We give of our time to assure that our organization continues to grow and serve our community.  Our members are invited to serve on any of seven different committees.  Click on each to see the role that each group plays.

Closed Groups (*) are accessible only to those specifically a part of the group.  If you have an interest in any closed group and would like to know about it and the opportunity to participate in the group, please email your inquiry by clicking [HERE]  Please be sure to include the name of the Group(s) with which you have an interest.



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I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and have personally accepted His gift of salvation. I believe the Bible is God's inspired revelation to man and I endeavor to live in obedience to its principles and commands. I am a member in good standing of a local church and support the work of Christ with my time, talents and financial resources (or am seeking out a church to be involved in this way).